The Wedding of Lucas and Adrienne at Watson Lake in Fort Collins, CO


"Cathedrals" by John Lucas

Lucas and Adrienne had an intimate elopement alongside a calm stream located just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

They had originally contacted us to film their adventurous elopement in completely different state and location, but Lucas received a job offer that would be pulling them from this town that felt so much like home to them, so they decided to change plans and relocate everything to Fort Collins. We loved seeing their plans come together as they incorporated one of their favorite breakfast spots, the local companies that they used for their day, and even scheduling in a little bit of time for us to capture them running around this place that means so much to them. We knew that there was a bit of “adventurous” to these two that we wanted to showcase as much as possible, so we actually had them meet us at The Paint Mines just outside of Colorado Springs prior to their wedding day so that we could film them running around out there as well. 


We started their day by meeting them downtown in Fort Collins to film them hanging out in this charming downtown area and even grabbing breakfast together at Snooze. We even had the chance to pop over to meet their florist, Lace and Lillies (, and watch them put together a cute little floral for Lucas and Adri’s dog! 

We headed back to their home and spent some time with them getting ready before we headed out to their ceremony spot. 


By the way, we loved getting to film alongside Cassie Rosch. Her style of shooting felt so cohesive with ours, which always makes for such a smooth and seamless day. We are in love with the rich colors and romantic mood that she pulled out of this day in her photos. You can find her photo set here


Capturing things that seemed so meaningful for them, like that breakfast spot, Lucas playing in that yard with their dog, the quiet bible reading that they had on their couch, and the romantic sunset by this lake all felt so much deeper and more meaningful than filming the excitement of a new location like we all had originally planned. We loved this so much and couldn’t help but be so happy for them. These two are off on new adventures already, just months into their marriage, and it’s such an honor to have been able to capture a bit of what feels like home for them before they set out.