Let's Elope in Moab – Shot on iPhone 7

The story of this couple's elopement adventure included camping out in a canvas tent in Moab, exploring Arches National Park together, picking out a place day-of to exchange vows together, and of course, the groom playing his mandolin while his bride danced in the sunset.

This is the love story of Kaleb and Evita.

*The reason for filming this on the new iPhone 7 and 7+ was because we wanted to showcase the fact that it doesn't matter what gear you use to create an amazing film. We get pretty caught up in gear sometimes and really wanted to let this project be a reminder that it truly is about the story, the couple, and the editing that makes a great film - not having all the newest and latest gadgets. With that being said, we also had a lot of fun exploring all of the new gadgets that can be used for iPhones!

WATCH THE TEASER of Kaleb and Evita