An Intimate Elopement in Copenhagen

This one was special for me. These two are both creative directors who have led amazing teams and worked on some incredible brands. Whiile they having lived around, they opted to have their elopement in Denmark, in the incredible city of Copenhagen.

Since they themselves work in a creative field, they had a very specific vision towards their wedding photos. Being fans of cinema (and Wes Anderson in particular) they decided they wanted to have photos that were reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film (with a bit of Kinfolk style thrown into the mix). For me, this meant keeping it symmetrical, center-weighted, deadpan, and wide-angle…all without losing a cinematic approach.

While, in theory, it was all pretty straight-forward, it can be hard to be creative when the vision is so narrow. This was a really fun challenge for me, and I worked my hardest to capture the essence of their vision while still incorporating a feel that was my own. I chose to edit the photos a bit more in my native style, which means the end up with a bit more mood and emotion in them, even if the expressions and poses are more rigid. Additionally, there are a lot of 16:9 aspect ratio crops to give it the feel of something on from the Cinema.

For me, working alongside other artists is one of my favorite things because it forces me to think more intentionally about each frame and to put careful thought into how I approach weddings, people, and stories. This wedding definitely has a different feel than some of my other work, but I hope you can see a similar voice. Thanks for allowing me to geek out about art and creative process.