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We are White In Revery - a husband and wife videography team that is captivated with telling cinematic stories.

We have both been filming weddings for over 6 years now with over 150+ weddings under our belt. We have been extremely blessed and honored to have been apart of so many beautiful love stories. As both musicians with degrees in music, filming has truly captured our hearts and allowed us a creative fusion of music and visuals. Song selection is so important to us in our films that we dedicate a lot of time to find those perfect songs that truly reflect each couple we film. 

We love to tell stories, we love to travel, and we love our family. We are a family of three now with a beautiful daughter named Zealey. She has traveled to more than twelve states and flown over ten times before her first birthday. At  three weeks old, we filmed an elopement in Portland with her strapped to our chest while we filmed. This job is more than just our passion, it also is a part of us and our family. We love to create and capture moments that tell a story while leaving people emotionally engaged and captivated  throughout our films. Our hearts are in Colorado and we truly enjoy the opportunity to film in our beautiful state! From Denver to Vail to Aspen to Telluride, we will capture your adventure wedding!

It would be our greatest pleasure to get to know you and capture your moments, your thoughts, your expressions, your love and the relationships that you have. We want to be the ones to capture the greatest day of your life so you can forever look back on it and relive the excitement you had.

We do this out of passion. This is a love that continues to grow in our hearts and we want to share in that with you. So grab a coffee or tea, sit down and watch some of our films – then write us an email. Let’s chat and get to know each other! You can contact us directly by emailing us at or by clicking the Contact tab at the top of this page.

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