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Filmmaker / Colorist


We are White In Revery - a husband and wife videography team that is captivated with telling cinematic stories. 

The story of how we started in film begins with us being married for about 6 months and receiving a call that a friend of ours passed away. He left nothing behind but amazing memories with his loved ones, a beautiful wife, and the smiles he graced an occasional photo/video or two with. We quickly realized how fleeting life can be and immediately bought a camera to capture every moment we could as we journey through our lives together. We promised ourselves that we would never get to the end and think back that we hadn’t taken enough pictures. We quickly started playing with photography and videography and grew to love it so much that we could not stop!

It would be our greatest pleasure to get to know you and capture your moments, your thoughts, your expressions, your love and the relationships that you have. We want to be the ones to capture the greatest day of your life so you can forever look back on it and relive the excitement you had.
We do this out of passion. This is a love that continues to grow in our hearts and we want to share in that with you. So grab a coffee or tea, sit down and write us an email. Let’s chat and get to know each other! You can contact us directly by emailing us at or by clicking the Contact tab at the top of this page.

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