Masterclass for Wedding Film Editing in FCPX

We are White In Revery and this is our Masterclass for Wedding Film Editing in Final Cut Pro X.



We are White in Revery, a wedding filmmaking company based in Denver, Colorado. After years of teaching other filmmakers all over the world, diving deep into other editing programs and continually finding FCPX to have a faster workflow, and even becoming certified to teach FCPX, we’ve created a course that unloads all the knowledge we have about this program that makes it so efficient for wedding film editors. 

Throughout this course, you will learn how to edit your wedding films like we do. We have created a custom workflow that has drastically improved our efficiency, speed, and creative vision for editing wedding films. If you want to learn everything we know about editing and creating captivating and emotional wedding films, then THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

"This is OUR Masterclass for Wedding Film Editing in Final Cut Pro X"

(Calen has also received his certification as an Apple trainer for Final Cut Pro X)

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about editing in FCPX. Whether you are starting fresh and learning to edit for the first time, are coming from another editing platform like Premiere, or you have been using FCPX for years and want to dive deeper and speed up your workflow, this course will get you up and running in no time. We will show you all our tips and techniques on how we edit fast, how we craft our wedding films from scratch, our entire color grading process, as well as how we clean up audio and mix it into our films. We also showcase other fun but helpful techniques like how we approach music. We all know that song choice can make or break a film, but sometimes not knowing how to edit in a song can make or break a film too. We show you how to do things like mixing songs that are in different keys and reshaping a song so that you can bring your films to life with music. We cover how we setup all of our keyword collections for quick navigation so that you can speed up your editing time and also we’ll probably blow your mind with FCPX's Multicam feature that can be used not only for syncing clips and editing, but also color grading and mixing audio quickly.

You get it all in this course – everything we know about creating beautiful and emotionally captivating wedding films.

This course is for you... if? 

  • You want to charge more for your wedding films

  • You want to speed up your process so that you can edit faster and save you time so that you can spend more time with family/friends

  • You need to train editors to edit for you but don't have the time or desire to

  • You are stuck with creative vision and not sure where to go or how to improve your films and set yourself apart

  • You want to edit your films like we do (White In Revery style)

  • You are switching from Premiere but not sure how to get started in FCPX

  • You want to learn how we color grade our films and how we mix our audio


  • 23 Lessons in video format
  • Bonus lessons, resources available (PDFs of our workflow, and more)
  • Special offers from our Sponsors worth over $300
  • MusicBed license for soundtracks to your films
  • Lens Distortions Pack exclusively available for you
  • Mediazilla annual subscription discount for sharing your films with your clients
  • Join our private Facebook group where we will help you throughout this course
  • Monthly live sessions answering questions and showcasing new things we are learning or currently working on (exclusively for students of our Masterclass)

The entire course spans over +6 hours of video content with over 20 Lessons...

that you will have access to immediately when you purchase. You will be able to create a login and access the video content that is all hosted on immediately upon receipt. There will also be corresponding course resources to help you along your way throughout the class.


Masterclass for Wedding Film Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Price: $975 USD




Here is a list of all the Lessons that are included with this Masterclass:



  • Welcome to our Masterclass

Lesson 01: Overview

  • 5 Stages of Editing

Lesson 02: Transferring Clips

  • Hard-drives, Folder Structure, Transferring Footage, Transferring Audio, Renaming Files

Lesson 03: Prepare the Library

  • Getting to know the FCPX Layout, Setting up the Library

Lesson 04: Import Media

  • Importing Footage, Adding Metadata, Workspaces, Importing Audio, Audio Roles

Lesson 05: Sort Footage

  • Keyword Collections, Sorting Footage

Lesson 06: Create Multicams

  • Create a Ceremony Multicam, Cleaning up the Multicam, Creating a Toasts Multicam, Setting up Subroles, Creating a First-Look Multicam, Preparing a Multicam Project

Lesson 07: Select Favorites

  • Speeding up your Editing Process by Creating and Filtering by Favorites

Lesson 08: Editing / Part One

  •     Choosing Dialogue to Guide the Story, Organizing the Selected Audio, Choosing Dialogue from Toasts, Bringing in our Favorite Shots

Lesson 09: Editing / Part Two

  • Creating a Strong Intro, Storyline, Structuring out the Edit, Utilizing Connected Storylines, Ending the Film Strong

Lesson 10: Audio Overview

  • Three Categories of Audio

Lesson 11: Mastering Audio / Music

  • Cutting up Music Tracks, Mixing Songs Together, Mixing Songs using Ambience

Lesson 12: Mastering Audio - Dialogue

  • Compressor, Equalizer, Limiter, Noise Removal, Noise Gate

 Lesson 13: Mastering Audio - Effects

  • Utilizing the Library, Connecting Sound Effects to Clips, Using Lens Distortions Sound Effects, Creating an Audio Mix-down

Lesson 14: Color Overview

  • Three Stages of Color Grading, Screen Calibration, Setting up Proxy Files

Lesson 15: Color -  Intro to Color Grading

  • Getting to know the Color Tools, Color Wheels, Color Board, Color Curves, Hue/Saturation Curves, Analyzing Video Scopes, Adding a LUT

Lesson 16: Color - Balancing your Footage

  • Primary Corrections, Applying the LUT, Secondary Adjustments

Lesson 17: Mastering Color - Working with LUTS

  • Tweaking Color to Taste, Adding additional Color Effects

Lesson 18: Mastering Color - Grading Inside Multicams

  • Mixing Exterior and Interior Shots, Color Grading Inside the Multicam

Lesson 19: Mastering Color - Visual Effects

  • Creating a Library for Special Effects, Using Effects to add Depth and Motion, Using Effects to Focus on a Subject

Lesson 20: Exporting and Archiving

  • Compression, 4k Compressor Settings, Anamorphic Crop, Exporting for Instagram, Creating a Still, Archiving Footage

Lesson 21: Online Delivery

  • Mediazilla Delivery to Clients, Embedding Mediazilla on your Website

Lesson 22: Physical Packaging

  • LaRousse Packaging

Lesson 23: Final Thoughts

  • Thanks for being a part of our Masterclass

Lesson Bonus: Everything FCPX

  • Working with Magnetic Timeline, Speed Adjustments, Editing Audio in the Timeline, Timeline Buttons, Various Timeline Features, Index Tab, Adding Clips to the Timeline, Effects and Windows, Viewer Window, Settings and Options

Lesson Bonus: Creating Doc Edits

  • Setting up the Project, Working with the Multicam, Editing using the Angle Editor


We will be going over our entire workflow from Import to delivery. 
What we will be discussing in our Class will be broken down into 5 stages:




The Transfer stage is your first step for setting yourself up for a fast and effective workflow. 

I know it’s the least glamorous stage and probably not as fun as other stages, but it’s so important to do it right. We discuss how we take the footage from our cameras and transfer them to our external hard drive as well as properly setting up our folders and renaming files so that once imported, our smart collections instantly populate with the proper clips




The most time consuming and the most time SAVING stage is the Prep Stage. It involves the most steps but drastically reduces your editing time if you can master this stage and put in the extra time. This section of the class will showcase how we properly set up our libraries, import our clips and add corresponding meta data, sort our footage into our template based keyword collections, and setup our multicams.  



Then the fun part begins - editing! Actually, the fun part for Calen was the prep stage and Kristine loves the editing stage.

Since we put in the time to prepare all of our clips, the Editor can now focus on the best parts of the wedding and start pulling out the different dialogue sections and browsing for songs. When working in the magnetic timeline, there are multiple ways of crafting an edit. We choose to use the magnetic timeline by placing all of our dialogue clips such as ceremony and toasts into the primary storyline and then placing our other sequenced shots or b-roll footage above the magnetic timeline into what is called a connected storyline. We cut up our music a lot and layer multiple sections together at times, so this structure has been the easiest and most efficient way for us to edit. 

One of the most loved and hated but very misunderstood things about Final Cut is the magnetic storyline. We didn’t utilize it up until recently and once we discovered how to properly use this feature, we realized it was actually incredible. It took about two weddings editing with this method before we got used to it and quickly realized we had been wasting so much time before it...



Once we have created a rough edit, we then start finalizing our film and begin the Mastering stage. (ok this is actually my favorite part) This stage includes fine tuning shot selections, in depth audio mastering, color balancing and grading, as well as implementing any effects or title sequences before exporting the film. (Here’s a little tip, we actually do all of our audio effects inside the multicam as well as some of our color grading so that the effects populate accordingly throughout the film because of their nested multicam properties. So you should be using multicams instead of synchronized clips to take advantage of this awesome feature. Pretty powerful)



After the film has been exported, we then move onto the Delivery stage. Now every company has different deliverables and ways they choose to send their films off to their clients. As of 2018, we now deliver all of our films through digital delivery via Mediazilla. If you haven’t heard of Mediazilla, check out the link in our description. It makes life so much easier and simpler for us. Now there are still package upgrades we offer that do require shipping out a physical product, but we are just going to address our online delivery setup. 




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Thank you for checking out our Masterclass

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