The Wedding of Jason and Faye at the Paramour Mansion in LA


"Boy feet. Chantal" by Alaskan Tapes
"Steady" by Kingslynn
"Horizons" by Riley, 1964


Venue: The Paramour Estate
Photography: For The Love Of It
DJ: JP McLeod
Florist: Next Saturday Affairs
Makeup: Yuri Janice
Dress: Marisa
Suit: Hugo Boss

of Jason and Faye

This wedding took place at the enchanting Paramour Mansion overlooking the LA skyline. This couple is seriously so fun and entertaining to be around. It's so easy to get lost in their story and love for each other.

We seriously loved this day. I mean, we loved everything about it. The couple, the venue, the vendors, and especially the dance floor! I mean, common guys, they had a whiskey bar with chocolate pairings! They had a very clear view of the LA skyline. They also had a view of the Hollywood sign. The mansion that they married in was full of moody light and enchanting rooms, the friends and families were so welcoming and loving, and this couple couldn’t have exuded more love for each other.

But, we need you to watch it knowing first and foremost that our favorite part of this wedding came down to the couple. 

As you’re watching this and catching a glimpse of this adorable couple’s love story, I hope that you feel even half as privileged as we did to get to witness these two and their love for each other. You’ll hear about it a little in their vows and in the words that their friends and family said during toasts, but you’ll especially see it in their eyes. Needless to say, we think you’ll like these two and we think you’ll love this film.

Funnier note, there is an entire website dedicated to Jason’s ability to go to sleep in strange positions in strange places.