The Wedding of Austin and Hallie at Buffalo Outdoor Center in Arkansas


"Great Plains (feat. Matt Huber)" by Josh Hoover
"Promised Land" by John Lucas

of Austin and Hallie

Set among the backdrop of Arkansas mountains, Austin and Hallie read their vows together in an intimate cabin the morning after their wedding day which was surrounded by close family and friends. Their original plan was to create a retreat-like weekend for their close family and a small handful of friends so that they could get married that Saturday at one of their favorite spots in the Arkansas mountains. 

The week of the wedding, they called us with a weather update. The forecast was calling for sunshine and beautiful weather up until Friday followed by a major temperature drop and ice/snow storm on Saturday morning. You can actually see how different both days were in the footage because we were able to do a day-after shoot with them. 

All of their vendors happened to be in town in time to switch their wedding day from Saturday to Friday with about 3 days notice! 

We arrived Friday midday just in time for their rehearsal. They wrapped up on the rehearsal and went straight into getting ready for their evening ceremony. After a romantic first look by a nearby river, we made it back to the cabin that all of their families were staying in and rearranged the living room to host their romantic, dimly lit, intimate ceremony surrounded by their teary-eyed friends and family. They kept things personal by following up their ceremony with a home cooked meal by their family and opted for a mother’s famous scones rather than a traditional cake. When we tasted this home cooked dinner, especially the banana pudding and the lasagna, we totally understood why they had their family make dinner! Ahhh, take us back to that meal, please. After dinner, they spent a little time beautifully glorifying their Creator through singing hymns and even hearing a message from their parents before we ran outside into the woods with some smoke bombs. 

One of our biggest takeaways from this wedding was that everything felt so significant to them. The location, each person in attendance, the meals chosen for dinner, and even the very first breakfast and morning coffee that they were able to share together. These are some of our favorite things about filming weddings – the small glimpse into who people truly are and their love for each other. 

Seeing them being able to adapt to the weather curveball, incorporating sentimental things like their family’s famous meals and scones, watching their family gather around them and take the time to glorify God before letting the night end, and even having them invite us in with creative freedom to capture the things that also felt significant outside of their ceremony (like their quiet vow exchange over morning coffee and the quick trip out on a trail despite the weather) made us leave this couple and this weekend feeling truly honored to be a part of this adventure of a wedding.