The Vow Renewal of Mark and Ashley at Lake Dillon in Colorado


"Endless Story" by The Light The Heat

Mark and Ashley celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary by coming all the way from Florida to renew their vows in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We met them here in Denver and traveled out to Lake Dillon for their first look and vow exchange before heading up to Loveland Pass as the sun was setting. 

Ashley is actually an incredibly talented photographer based in Orlando, so we had worked with her a little here and there when we started our company many years ago. I have sweet memories of her talking about being pregnant as we were eating vendor meals and snagging long lost photo booth photos together. It really meant so much to us to be able to capture this for her and Mark! I also need to note that I don’t think that I’ve ever cried so much while editing a film. I’ll admit, a lot of my tears were from laughing at them chasing kids around and having to take little breaks to make sure that their kids didn’t just jump in the lake, but the rest of the tears were from seeing how sweet and deep their love is for each other. 
Most of my days are spent editing films of couples fresh in love taking their first steps into their lifetime commitment of marriage. Getting to film a vow renewal felt, in some ways, so much deeper. This is a marriage that stood the test of time, the work that comes with three kids, and the hardships of running a business together, and the challenges that come with growing up alongside another (beautiful) human growing up. What is more beautiful than that, right? This was such an emotional edit for me because of how beautiful that was to witness and because of how honored I felt to be behind that camera witnessing them reaching that milestone with so much to show for. Experiencing this day with their family was so incredible for us and truly a memory that we will personally cherish.

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