The skin tones of Dolce 02 make me want to run around this house, speak in tongues, shout from a mountain top, praise Jesus, I mean, really. It’s just such a RARITY to come across a LUT that makes skin tones of all types look good, PARTICULARLY when they’re in the same frame. Buggin....still buggin. 

Every lut is stylized but not unrealistic. We’ve gone through phases of extreme coloring, but as a company, we’re beginning to bend more towards “realistic” color. What I love MOST about the Dolce LUTs is that they look like real life. Even though it’s stylized, it doesn’t FEEL stylized. Greens are still green. Blacks are still black. Blues are blues. White is still white. I’m so OVER coloring that DESATURATES greens and makes all plant-life look dead. Or the super burnt skin tones that give fair skin tones AMAZING tans but makes dark skin tones gray and CRUSTY. 

Each LUT has a distinct quality which has been an absolutely BLAST for me to discover. I feel like I can easily identify the characteristics of each LUT and rest on a choice no matter what footage I’m coloring (ie: indoor outdoor, backlit, reception, dusk, morning, etc)

KEJ Productions / Florida, USA